Why I’m Not As Cool As My Instagram

According to my Instagram, I’m a pro snowboarding, adventure seeking, slim and slender yet fast food eating, high life-styling, stiletto wearing, fashion forward wannabe model. However, despite this alluring facade and string of top notch filters, I’m nothing more than a sweatpants enthusiast who enjoys far too many documentaries, multiple trips to local fast food restaurants, … More Why I’m Not As Cool As My Instagram

Why I Can’t Give Up

It goes without saying that I was a rambunctious child who cringed at the word “no” and made it my mission to set out and embark on every endeavor I was demanded not to attempt. I was the child that touched a hot stove immediately after being told “Don’t touch”, strictly because I rebelled authority … More Why I Can’t Give Up

Why I Pee In The Pool

As a child, the biggest summer embarrassments consisted of not rocking the same Abercrombie bikini as every basic, future skank and committing the ultimate aquatic sin of peeing in the pool. For those claiming you’ve never partaken in this incredibly convenient, but downright disgusting, act, you’re a dirty liar. No child will sacrifice a round … More Why I Pee In The Pool

Dear Younger Me

Girl, you done f***** up. While you’re most likely indulging in a late night snack or getting caught up in the world of boys (we’ll address that chaos further in), you can’t fathom the uncanny roller coaster that you’re about to cluelessly embark on. While you may think you’re prepared for any obstacle or curve … More Dear Younger Me

Why Women Should Be Mentally Prepared To Pay On The First Date

Times are changing– and with these seemingly uncanny transitions come a lot of disgruntled and anything but willing individuals who have conformed to the previous standard set before them. As different aspects of societal norms continue to morph and become revolutionized, it seems the dating world has continued to transform above all. Women, it’s time … More Why Women Should Be Mentally Prepared To Pay On The First Date

When The Ugly Reflection I Judged Was My Own [Literally]

We’ve all encountered those unfortunate experiences in which we leave the house with confidence in our appearance, only to come home and catch glimpse of your defeated reflection, thinking “Did I look like this all day?!” However, have any of you women caught glimpse of a seemingly random reflection in a window or mirror and … More When The Ugly Reflection I Judged Was My Own [Literally]