Hello, I’m Vanessa Kash

“Kash. It’s spelled K-a-s-h. You know, Kash. But not the Johnny kind.” From an early age, that had been my coping statement when trying to explain the accurate spelling of a name that, when pronounced, sounded like I was a direct bloodline of the country legend Johnny Cash. However,┬áthat imposter of a “K” that so selfishly stole the sharp sound of a “C” brought me back to reality and averted me from ever getting “too big for my britches”, if you will. Yet, I too felt like an imposter within my own name. The deceptive pronunciation in comparison to it’s accurate spelling seemed to consistently remind me that I was merely a knockoff. But who said knockoffs can’t be great? After all, I’m pretty confident we’ve all boughten generic alcohol at some point in our lives and gotten drunk just as quickly. With that said, consider me your [industrial sized] Kirkland brand of alcohol. Bottoms up!