Why I Pee In The Pool

As a child, the biggest summer embarrassments consisted of not rocking the same Abercrombie bikini as every basic, future skank and committing the ultimate aquatic sin of peeing in the pool. For those claiming you’ve never partaken in this incredibly convenient, but downright disgusting, act, you’re a dirty liar. No child will sacrifice a round of Marco Polo all because their tiny bladder couldn’t adequately hold the grape kool-aid they had chugged before cannon balling into the watery abyss.

However, as we get older, peeing in the pool becomes a heinous act of the past. We’re submerged into the world of adulthood where far more offensive crimes are committed both personally and societally. No direct harm came from peeing in the pool, just as no direct harm comes from defying the guidelines in adulthood.

By the age of 23, we are all expected to be millionaires with prestigious degrees and the immediate hopes of settling down and starting a family. This single mold had condemned the lives of those who felt their calling was beyond an education, sticking with their gut feeling and pursuing what their heart encouraged over their pressured mind. I, perhaps, could call myself the biggest educational failure this generation has ever seen, dropping out of a university and two community colleges because I felt my heart and soul was pulled in another direction. There’s nothing more torturous than sitting in a lecture while watching the immobilized hand of the clock taunt you from afar as you think to your self, “After this class, I’ll only have three and a half more years until I graduate.” 

Needless to say, I wasn’t a scholar. And while I do regret not partaking in the typical college experiences surrounding parties, football games, and desperately hoping to date the star quarterback, I took a different path overcome with bad decisions and heartbreak. It is now, almost five years later, that I am finally grateful for what I had formerly referred to as “fucking up my life”.

Ladies and gentlemen, I peed in the pool referred to as “life”. Was it embarrassing? You have absolutely no idea how badly I loathed meeting friends from high school and having to answer the dreaded question of “So, what school are you going to now?” I eliminated the option of school altogether because, as a girl with anxiety, ADD, and no academic motivation, I knew that endeavor wasn’t for me.

Don’t be afraid to take the road less traveled and shake up societal norms. College doesn’t ensure success no more than skipping out on the experience does. Achievements are solely dependent on the individual and how far you’re willing to go to reach the peak of greatness.

There’s no wrong or right way to your dreams, but without the passion and commitment you’re just another brick in the wall. Stand out, grab a floatie, and, for the love of God, pee in the pool of life. Only the best stories start out with, “Things didn’t go as planned…”


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