Why Women Should Be Mentally Prepared To Pay On The First Date

Times are changing– and with these seemingly uncanny transitions come a lot of disgruntled and anything but willing individuals who have conformed to the previous standard set before them. As different aspects of societal norms continue to morph and become revolutionized, it seems the dating world has continued to transform above all.

Women, it’s time we mentally prepare ourselves to chip on on not only date number one, but the continual stream. We have been taught that a man is, without a single doubt, immediately expected to foot the bill on any outing, treat, or activity; after all, he’s required to be a “gentleman”. Please explain to me why a man’s position or stance on chivalry should be determined by the amount of money in his wallet or the size of the tip he leave on the table. Affection and genuine attraction can be revealed without a pesky price tag or need for a fancy dinner at only the ritziest of reataurants.

And although those high-class outing are more than acceptable, it should be the responsibility of both parties to “put some skin in the game”, so to speak. If there is a mutual attraction, you are not doing a man any favors by accompanying him on an outing, much less giving him your attention. Deep down, you crave the same admiration you send soaring his way, giving all the more reason to reacj for that check and pay your own way throughout the night.

With all the talk of gender equality, it baffles me that women continue to demand the same opportunities as a man, yet some shy away from acquiring the same, universal responsibilities that society has unrightfully opposed onto men. It’s time women take their independence to a new height and showcase true security and self-made success.

Although highly appreciated, we don’t need a man to feel as if he must’ve pay our way through a night, just like we don’t need a man to pay our way through life. There is absolutely no shame in reaching for the bill or at least offering to split the total!

Just because he’s expected to make a powerful first impression does not mean the bill is meant to fall in his lap; and neither are you! Independence and equality should be across the board.


One thought on “Why Women Should Be Mentally Prepared To Pay On The First Date

  1. I agree! Almost two years together, I still pay for every other dinner out. We’re equals; that’s the way it works.


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