When The Ugly Reflection I Judged Was My Own [Literally]

We’ve all encountered those unfortunate experiences in which we leave the house with confidence in our appearance, only to come home and catch glimpse of your defeated reflection, thinking “Did I look like this all day?!” However, have any of you women caught glimpse of a seemingly random reflection in a window or mirror and genuinely thought, “Man, that girl needs a makeover”, only to realize it is, in fact, your own reflection? No? Just me? Perfect. Here we go.

I had decided that, after a dreary day of unfortunate weather and a string of stressful events, I deserved (more like needed) retail therapy! And, while some of you are aware that I am currently experiencing an internal struggle with the will to buy items for an emotional satisfaction yet no financial means to successfully back up my purchase, please overlook let this minor slip up. In my defense, everything was on clearance.

As I entered the store of cheap materials and a sad attempt at fashion forward clothing (AKA Forever 21), I slowly browsed through the new color schemes and array of stiletto boots that were most definitely NOT made for walking. A solid 20 minutes into my spree, I decide to exit the store with crushed hopes for a new outfit intended to boost my spirits. 

I slowly headed out when, browsing as I walked, when out of the mere corner of my eye I noticed the reflection of a woman who was in dire need of a in-depth makeover, starting with her profound roots peeking through her blonde highlights. As I craned my neck towards the heartbreaking reflection, I though to myself, “This girl needs to get herself together. I can’t believe she wore that,” while I slowly started to recognize the faded gray sweater.

“Weird, I have that sweater,” I ignorantly thought as realization and fear quickly permeated my body. I had been starting, and harshly judging, my own reflection in a store window…

My initial response was to cry, for I had just unknowingly torn apart my own image, bashing both my hair, appearance, and apparel. I had single-handedly ruined my own confidence, and I was devastated.

However, the more I pondered over this incredibly unfortunate occurrence, I began to laugh. Yes, I was forced to laugh at my image because, I’ll be honest, I looked like complete trash (serves me right for wearing Uggs in public on the daily!). Yet, my laughter wasn’t entirely directed at my image.

I had not only personally shatter my self-confidence, but I had given myself a taste of my own [extremely harsh] medicine. When did I allow myself the authority to judge another woman by her looks, as clearly my own appearance had been in the dumps!

As women, we constantly batter and bash those that we see as a threat, primarily coinciding with looks and coveted features. Growing up, I severely struggled with my confidence, as I still do. However, despite my own struggle and knowledge of how devastating it is to be judges not only by myself, but others, I had mentally attempted to tear this woman down to mere shreds of a being. Little did I know, I was only hurting myself.

That’s the lesson many of us have yet to learn. There is a fine line between confidence and conceit. Beauty is only skin deep, as it’s both our internal thoughts and actions that go beyond the physical element of beauty.

Remember this next time you judge another individual, because you might just be judging yourself. Well played God. Message received.


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